Alphabet City: The Imperative Cheap Wine Bar, Cork ‘N Fork

Six dollar glasses of rosé in the East Village

I don’t think that’s ever been a bad decision.

All different types of wines are six dollars actually, but rosé suited this occasion–because rosé suits every occasion.

Jokes aside, the concept of the cheap Wine Bar should be implemented in every neighborhood. It’s a place that’s quieter than the local Irish bar, and less pretentious than the Charcuterie specialist, while still following more health codes than than a dive. The happy hour deal is usually the make or break of a wine bar.

The joyous hours at this establishment span from 4 to 7pm everyday, and if I haven’t mentioned already, the Cork ‘N Fork is on Avenue A, deep in the heart of Alphabet City.


A French waiter sat us. He was a nice guy, but I noticed that he gave us more attentive service when he learned that one in our party was French as well.  Bottles protrude from wooden support beams, and it’s dimly lit. There’s one television in the back for the wait staff to watch while on break. The tables-for-two are short, and close together, while the tables meant for groups of four are raised. Young locals are the main patrons, and there was a noisy quartet of hipsters at a nearby table, but, and maybe this was because it was Sunday, the place was rather empty.

Cork ‘N Fork serves its purpose well. The wine bar is nothing too extravagant or out of the ordinary, but rather, is a chilled nook best reserved for a hot, Indian summer day.

-Alexander Cohiba

Cork ‘N Fork Website

186 Avenue A

New York, NY

Published by AlexanderGittleman

Alexander Gittleman aka Mr. Cohiba is the writer, editor, and creator of the cocktail blog African Bowtie. He has lived in Seattle, New York, and currently lives in Paris where he covers the burgeoning cocktail scene.

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