Greenpoint: The Brooklyn Barge, Craft Beers on the East River

It was a sunny day in the beginning of autumn, embellished with craft beers and conversation.  img_0072The monotonous brick apartments of Stuyvesant town stood just across the glimmering river. Further up we could see the Empire State, Chrysler and Metlife buildings. Seagulls surfed the breeze. A yacht cruised past and caused the bar to sway up and down, up and down. It was quiet, as it was midday, however as one who had experienced it already, the bar will be much different once the sun sets.


The overhead lights will adorn the barge, and the buildings of midtown will illuminate. People from all over the boroughs will converge, and the Barge Bar will become a frenzy of frat stars, start-up hipsters, and freelancers all in one.

This is because the Brooklyn Barge is becoming more than just a bar, it’s becoming a destination.

Today my friends and I split craft pitchers, and sat half in shade discussing modern dilemmas. I told them that to their right is Greenpoint’s industrial area, to their left is Williamsburg. We walked past urban decay to get here. We walked past a team of artists working on a mural of a little girl with a flower on the side of a factory. We walked past women meditating, Greenpoint’s historic architecture, and I told them–“but you can actually rent the place.”

img_0073Some people come with friends, and others come alone. Some people come during the day for a sunny meet-up, and others come at night to pre-game. It depends on preference, and I guess, flexibility of schedule. But whatever your fancy, this bar is not one to put off because of the proximity, or because of sloth.

The Barge Bar remains one of my personal favorites, and an indispensable stop for any visiting friends.

-Alexander Cohiba


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Published by AlexanderGittleman

Alexander Gittleman aka Mr. Cohiba is the writer, editor, and creator of the cocktail blog African Bowtie. He has lived in Seattle, New York, and currently lives in Paris where he covers the burgeoning cocktail scene.

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