Lower East Side: This Is Not The Real World at Nitecap

Beginning of Fall: October 1st, 2016

You might miss the portal to another world if you’re on your phone, but then again–whatever your preoccupied with must be more important. This is Nitecap, both an elegant yet cozy, craft cocktail yet divey, one-of-a-kind bar located on the Lower East Side

It’s rare that a bar takes you out of your element, arouses the curiosity of trying something new, and then returns you to a comfortable place where you feel at ease, all in one night.


Down the rabbit hole as they say, or ‘I’d like to be, under the sea.’ Whichever it is, I believe the owners want you to feel as if your entering a mystical realm. The bar is underground. A sign on street level points you in the right direction–downward–and you walk through a heavy curtained entrance.

The space is intimate, upbeat and otherworldly. Bell shaped lamps illuminate colorful bottles on the bar, and overhead, the lamps reflect off the intricate mirror that is the ceiling.

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The drinks reflect the personality of the ambience. Surreal names such as Mr. Rabbit, Space Age and Jaguar Shark grace us on this season’s menu.  Yes, they have seasonal menus,  and this is EDITION 6.

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I ordered an ‘Old Fashioned Variation #1’ while a friend had an ‘Old Fashioned Variation #2.’ And while the waitress sold them as variations, she could have called them symphonies. She brought two different glasses, mine slightly more red, his more orange. The difference was nuanced. His had more zest, and mine more simple syrup.  A rudimentary analysis–you see,

Their head bartender is in an elite class, with the 2014 bartender of the year under her belt.fullsizerender-7

So dare I say, I’m unqualified.

Nitecap: Whether it’s the last stop of the night, or part of a bar hop, this place is at the top of it’s class. It’s eclectic, while somehow eluding pretension. It’s fun, while somehow 100% serious about cocktails.

It’s a part of my NYC rotation, and I’ll be sure to update as I try more of their drinks.

Con amor,


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