7 Places Both Near and Far Enough from Porte D’Orleans for a Drink

There’s really no ‘scene’ in this part of Paris. It’s disappointing to me because, in contrast, the fringe of New York is where the scene begins.

Porte D’Orleans, the place is synonymous with fringe, or Door of Orleans, or ‘how the hell did I end up here.’

Amidst the unending horizon of shady bar-tabacs, fast food windows, and residential ghost-towns of a street: I promised five places to grab a drink, and I’ve found seven, seven that you can take your friend, your cool relative, your Tinder date–er, maybe not the Tinder date. You can do better.

Des Pres Tapas


Finger Food meets French cuisine.
A cozy, elegant cantine for a casual glass of rosé or beer. Opened in 
mid-2018 by the owners of Aubergine et Cie. 

Black Tiger Gambas tossed in Pastis, Mini Croque-Monsieurs, Grilled Aubergine 
Caviar-- what's not to like?

Distance from Porte D’Orleans: .4 Miles

Open Until: 23h

Address: 38 Avenue Henri Ginoux, Montrouge

Insta: @desprestapas



When has le Chin Chin not been a rager?

Off of the Northwest corner of lovely Parc Montsouris, this commonplace 
brasserie brings the neighbors out to play! 
Wine is poured, beers and cocktails are clanked--'Chin Chin mon amies.'

Traditional fare; Steak-Frites, Tartare, Sea Bass

Distance from Porte D’Orleans: .5 Miles

Open Until: 00h

Address: 25 Avenue Reille, 75014 Paris

Insta: N/A



Meeting place of the Alesia elite. (Not pictured)

Ok. So, this brasserie is actually in Alesia, but that's only a stop away.

They serve pizza, have the best outdoor area in the vicinity,
and draw an outstanding crowd. On a typical sunny afternoon, 
the deck is flooded with posh neighbors. It has that hidden essence
of what it is to be a part of the Parisienne in-crowd...

unlike this guy in the red hat. Seriously, chill out bro.

Distance from Porte D’Orleans: .4 miles

Open Until: 02h

Address: 228 Avenue de Maine, 75014 Paris

Insta: N/A

Le Verre Siffleur


A charming Brasserie, serving non-traditional fare on a hohum block
near Alesia Metro. 

Yawn. Another brasserie on the list. It's not the trendiest neighborhood 
folks! But it's nice to look at. 
The sleepiest of settings on the list, scenic batiments paint 
an extraordinary backdrop to Le Verre Siffleur. 

Distance from Porte D’Orleans: .4 Miles

Open Until: 02h

Address: 73 Rue D’Alesia, 75014 Paris, France

Insta: @le.verre.siffleur

Le Bouquet D’Alesia


THE brasserie for brunch. The daimond--er non, the Bouquet of Alesia. 

An expansive brunch menu plus a chic-ass crowd equals winning Sunday. 
The intersection is very busy. Le Bouquet is just next to the subway, 
so, it's near impossible to get lost.

Distance from Porte D’Orleans:

Open Until: 00h

Address: 75 Avenue du Général Leclerc, 75014 Paris

Insta: N/A

La Fabrica


A Fluffy-crust Neopolitan Pizzeria featuring neon decor, 
exceptional chili oil, and a full bar with *meh* Negronis.

The Four-Cheese pizza is too large for one, yet too delicious 
to leave unfinished. I'd recommend you get wine, however, 
if you gamble on cocktails, they feature Italian classics.

Service is understaffed, but if you have patience, or luck, 
it'll be an outstanding meal.

Distance from Porte D’Orleans: .4 Miles

Open Until: 2330h

Address: 81 Rue D’Alesia

Insta: @lafabrica_alesia

Auto Passion Cafe











The only option in Porte D'Orleans proper. That's not neccesarily
a good thing

I almost resisted from including this place.
But I've seen it, on rare occasion, but a few occasions, bring some 
people to Porte D'Orleans *gasp* for a drink. They are open late. 
They do have drinks, and the auto-themed interior is..interesting..for some. 
Go if need be.

Distance from Porte D’Orleans: .0 miles

Open Until: 02h

Address: 197 Boulevard Brune, 75014 Paris

Insta: N/A





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