The Nine Best Cocktails in Paris Under 9 Euros

Paris has several of the world’s best cocktail bars, and for good reason. I mean, the city is mentioned in the same breath as Tokyo, New York, London. In every realm of culture, it’s one of the most influential cities. But two major differences rest between la ville de l’amour and others–population and size.

Big city people know that Paris is small in comparison (2.1 mil), but when you glance at the bill, it adds up to be pretty much the same damn thing.

14€ or 15€ a drink. I don’t think so.

At least, until you do some digging, that’s the only truth you know.

Most ‘Paris cocktail guides’ will give you a list of premium bars. Who likes to drop several hundred on a room, and then drop another hundred to get a buzz?

So, I decided to create a guide for the nine best cocktails in Paris under 9€: The 9-under-9 guide.



Warm, mid-century accents and complex flavours, that’s what you can expect from this perfect Mezze bar. Situated on a quiet road near Paris’ la mode quarter, Strasbourg-St. Denis, they decided for some odd reason to sell 2 drinks under 9€. Not complaining. Bonhomie is perfect enough to reserve 2 places with those 2 cocktails.


1. Michelada

– Mezcal, Light Beer, Tomato, Olive Juice, and Chili Pepper

2. Levantine

– Gin, Sherry & Za’atar

Red House


Red House is an outpost for American-expats located near Faidherbe – Chaligny in the 11e. Pinball, Blues music, NFL on Sundays fortify the image of good ol’ Murica. Red House serve great drinks, and what do you know, they are all 8€–except for Negronis (which are 5€!). Americans, once again, prove that the impossible is possible in this bastion of luxury goods and over-priced drinks.


3. Any of them.



With a convivial atmosphere, and solid cocktails, Brigette is a casual cocktail bar near Canal St. Martin. The owner, Brigette, a small, blonde woman is very friendly, and her bar reflects that ideal.


4. The JR

-Bourbon, Cynar and Zest

La Loutre Bar


The newest and my personal favourite Les Animaux Bar, La Loutre, has a certain refinement compared to their other two bars. Their paradoxically, cheap yet highbrow cocktails (starting at 8€) are a hallmark of the bars. The other hallmarks include animal puns, animal wallpaper and some frekking splendid hummus. If I lived nearby, I’d be here all the time.


5. Des Chiffres et Des Loutres

– Gin infused with Thyme, Red Vermouth, Fig Syrup, Lime, and Egg White

L’Ours Bar et Le Renard Bar

Chateau D’eau et Belleville

The other two–L’Ours et Le Renard–are also worth a mention. While the newest bar mastered Les Animaux formula, the original: L’Ours, is quality for its good drinks and upbeat atmosphere. Le Renard is a bit like the forgotten middle child. They still serve decent quality drinks for a good price, but when I went the vibe was uninspired and our drinks lacked identity compared to the other animals.


6. La Grande Ours (L’Ours Bar)

Pink Peppercorn infused Vodka, Chartreuse, Rose Syrup, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer

7. Le Jardin Anglais (Les Animaux)

Gin, Cucumber Juice, Cucumber Syrup, Lime

The 46 Bar


Walking distance from Republique, this New York themed cocktail bar is as meticulous in their craft as they are in their vibe. They have an outstanding Happy Hour, as well as some fair-priced drinks during the remaining not-so-happy hours of the day.


8. Eau Fraiche

Gin, Peach, Soda

The Fifty-Fifty



You had one job! 50/50’s one and only under 9€ drink makes it onto this list. And it is… a Daiquiri…no catch. This bar does an all-around great job, so my last place on the list can be reserved for this most simple of a drink, because of the bar’s attention to creating a high quality experience.


9. Daiquiri

-Rum, Lime, Simple Syrup

Every bar on this list is located in the 10e or 11e. Sue me.

That gives you some pretext as to what these arrondissements are like, and an idea of where to head in Paris for a cheap, but good quality drink. Each Arrondissement has an identity, and these are the only two who are willing to both care about cocktails, and turn down the snob a bit when serving one–and I’ll forever be grateful for that.

Thanks for reading.


Negroni Papi

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