Where to Eat Hot Wings and Watch American Football in Paris

Homesick in the City of Lights? Or are you just here for a visit, and it’s a Sunday?

In a place where the Eiffel Tower stands as a beacon of elegance, one might not think of spending a night watching this week’s NFC East rivalry game. Well, it happens to be on at 7 p.m., Sunday, and pretty much nothing else is open. Pas mal.

Each year, as autumn rolls around, I drag my friends to games and try to explain the rules on the fly, realizing that American Football is more complicated than most sports. Four downs for ten yards, six points for a touchdown, two for a safety, three for a field goal–try translating that into French.

Throughout the years, I’ve tried many different bars. So, I thought I’d save you the trouble and share my comprehensive guide on where to watch American Football in Paris.

In this guide, you can expect:

  • Five bars in different Parisian neighborhoods to watch American Football
  • A vibe check of each of the bars
  • My top pick for where to watch American Football in Paris

Hopefully, this saves you time and energy as you pack the rest of the day full of sights to see.

Club Sandwiches and Football at The Great Canadian Pub

Located in the center of Paris near Notre Dame, this Canadian pub caters to their Southern neighbors by dedicating every Sunday night to the pigskin.

With several flatscreens tuned in to the NFL, and the bar’s central location, I’d head here if you need a convenient spot to watch the game, or if your RB1 is playing in 20 minutes and you’re currently gazing at 12th-century stained glass.

The Great Canadian Pub serves their country’s signature dish, gooey poutine for cold nights, but they also have a great Club Sandwich layered with crisp vegetables, bacon, and a side of fries. Otherwise, it is a rowdy bar with a friendly audience.

25 Quai des Grands Augustins, 75006

Buffalo Wings and Negronis at The Red House

For a much different Football viewing experience, try the Red House in the 11th arrondissement. On a rainy night, I found this bar filled with a dozen faithful patrons who each cheered for different teams. Known for their rock and roll atmosphere, on Sundays, they pull down a massive projector screen and break out the homemade buffalo sauce.

They have fantastic wings–and the kicker (no pun intended)–5 Euro Negronis. Head to this divey establishment, where everyone speaks English and is normally open to ranting to strangers about their favorite team’s woes. This bar is the most intimate of the five, so come here if you’re looking to avoid the ruckus.

When I lived on the East Side of Paris, I’d head down to the 11th every weekend. This year, however, I’ve yet to open up about the Giants.

1bis Rue de la Forge Royale, 75011

Classic Burgers and Fries at Belushi’s Gare du Nord

Situated near Gare du Nord, atop the St. Christopher’s hostel, Belushi’s is a lively sports hub that caters to an international crowd. With a collection of wide screens, you can catch every game, no matter where you’re seated.

The sole drawback (or advantage) of this place is the crowd is normally tourists, coming for a show or clubbing for the weekend. So, it’s a great bar to meet others, but they aren’t necessarily there for the Football.

I would recommend that if you’re in the North of Paris, or returning to the capital before or after a train ride, Belushi’s is a good place to watch the game. The bar is known for its variety of craft beers and its signature hamburgers.

5 Rue de Dunkerque, 75010

University Kick-back and Football at the Longhop

In the busy Latin Quarter, this classic English-style pub is known for dedicating its screens to American Football watching on Sundays.

Normally, this is a rest-of-the-world Football bar. So, if there happens to be a Premiere League match or even rugby, good luck. You can always ask them to change one of them.

This bar hosts a much younger crowd, authentic to the neighborhood it is in. With foosball, pool, and (relatively) cheap pints for Paris, the bar draws a more typical French viewing experience as opposed to some of the other Ex-pat bars. But it is a good time.

 25 Rue Frédéric Sauton, 75005

Top Pick: Poutine and Beer at The Moose

My top pick is The Moose, a Canadian sports bar that caters to expats and visitors alike. Near Odeon in the 6th arrondissement, this pub is by far the most reliable place to see any game. I also think it’s the closest thing you can get to an American sports bar in Paris.

You’ll find Frenchies with Peyton Manning jerseys that leave you wondering about the backstory. A study abroad? A special American friend? It’s an easy entry to meet other fans in the area, and have some game-day friends.

The owner is a Packers fan, and you’ll see him roaming around, casting an eye on games. But I’ve seen cohorts of Vikings fans and random Pats fans stake their turf on different weekends. Get there before kickoff to ensure a seat, otherwise, you might have to stand until halftime.

While the bar may not be exclusively dedicated to American football, it has never failed me. They also have a surprising amount of American and Canadian bar food, such as fresh pints of Brooklyn IPA, cheese curds, poutine, and hot wings.

16 Rue des Quatre Vents, 75006

6. WOS BAR – Now Closed

I wanted to add this bar to the list, because during my time in this city, the WOS bar, a once Packer-fan-operated bar closed. It’s still listed on Google Maps, which can be confusing.

They closed in 2020. Voila.

In a city renowned for its cultural riches, watching American Football in Paris adds a unique experience to the City of Light. Each time I had friends or family visiting for an extended period, I’d take them to watch a game.

So, whether you’re a homesick American looking for a taste of home or seeking a unique Football-watching experience, these bars offer the perfect venues to see your team. Next time you find yourself in Paris and have a free, fall Sunday, remember these gems and immerse yourself in the thrilling world of American football, Parisian style.


Bonus: Some funny A.I. artwork that I received when typing in “American Football in Paris.”

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