Eat, Drink and Party in Strasbourg Saint-Denis, Paris

Corn rows and dangling earrings, faux fur with cheetah print, a vintage Louis Vuitton scarf plucked from a deceased mogul’s estate sale–how did we end up here for a cheap pint?

Labeled the coolest neighborhood in Paris, Strasbourg Saint-Denis has defined itself as the ‘it’ destination to drink among the in-crowd in the City of Light, and the perfect meetup point to strategize a night out.

Conveniently located between the Canal St. Martin, Republique, and the Grand Boulevards, Strasbourg St. Denis in the 10ème arrondissement is a quick walk from anywhere you’d want to go. On the side streets, a panoply of bars and restaurants for street food, kickbacks, and cocktails awaits.

I’ve spent many nights grabbing a 5 Euro pint and tumbling into an improvised free fall of a riotous time. So, I’d like to impart some of my experience, and wrap it into a small guide, much like the amazing dürüm shops that you’ll find dotting the streets.

This is the Bowtie’s guide to the coolest neighborhood in Paris. In this guide you’ll find:

  1. Where to Eat
  2. Where to Drink
  3. Where to Party

And you’ll find numerous places to experience the area in your own way.

Where to Eat in Strasbourg Saint-Denis

When I think of this neighborhood, I think of quick eats from a cosmopolitan menu.

On the main strip of Rue du Faubourg-St. Denis, a few Kurdish sandwich shops line the main street. Fluffy pita and fresh-cut lamb, tomatoes, parsley, onions. I’d stop in at the renowned Urfa Durum to get my fix.

If you’re looking for pizza, Papelli is great for a quick personal margherita, and Peroni’s, otherwise Pide Paris serves a Turkish twist, curling the crust inward and adding spices that you won’t find on the circular symbol of happiness.

Nearby, the Smash burger joint Dumbo, which started in Pigalle, relocated to a nearby side street. Across Boulevard St. Denis, down the tiny Rue Blondel, you’ll find the best Chilean spiced ground beef, onions and olive-stuffed empanadas in the city at Mayli’s & Co. They also have Pisco sours and Piscola, around an intimate setting that I’ve said salud to my Santiago-born friends. Down the cobblestone street lies King Kong, a Korean restaurant that specializes in kimbap and my favorite–ttoekbokki!

If you’re looking for refined, Parisian dining, try Dante for a unique Italian experience, or Tempête or Pouliche for French fare.

Where to Drink in Strasbourg Saint-Denis

Alongside the endless addresses to eat, this area is home to some of my favorite cocktail bars in the city. 2 of them recently made my list of 16 essential cocktail bars and one that impresses even on a budget.

You know you’re there when the posters begin. In a literal hole in the wall, step inside and you’ll enter another domain, Le Syndicat. Out of the bars in Strasbourg Saint-Denis, this is the reputed champ, the embodiment of the neighborhood. A perfect date night spot, there is a reason this bar frequently flirts with the year-end World’s Best Bar list with it’s use of 100% French products.

Taken from

Down another quiet back street on the other side of Boulevard Strasbourg lies Copperbay, nautical in theme and product; you’re there to drink. The captain, Aurelie, is a legend in her own right. Qualified as a top 50 bartender in France, she was nice enough to explain her menu in English the last time I visited with friends.

L’Ours Bar aka the flagship from Les Animaux group, is a catalyst for introducing your friends or colleagues to drinks that require more craft than a Moscow Mule or a Mojito. While their prices have gone up over the years (used to be 6 Euros), happy hour still gets you a signature cocktail for 8 Euros.

L’Ours Bar

Other notables are Baranaan, tucked behind an Indian Restaurant. This speakeasy aims to transport you to a train car. The Dindon Dandy is also a perfect location for oysters, wine, and good cocktails.

Where to Party in Strasbourg Saint-Denis

As I mentioned, the neighborhood is between several good options, so whether you want to mosey to Grands Boulevards or Le Comptoir Général, the move is an easy one.

For pregames with friends, Le Mauri 7 and Le Sully serve some of the cheapest beers in the area. With loud banter, unforgettable personalities, and normally, golden-era rap music, expect to see prices dip under 5 Euros. Warning: Normally, you have to eagle eye a chair, because spots on the terrace can become quite a conflict to acquire.

Game nights are covered in the neighborhood too. Player One, an arcade bar is a great time for some SNES and craft beers, and Meisia is a board game bar where you can settle and sip wine.

If the night ends in Strasbourg Saint-Denis, it ends in Cour des Petites Ecuries. A charming, walkable street during the day, I’ve seen it turn into a mosh pit of cigarette smoke and pints of blond beer, random motorcycles revving, and a cacophony of different conversations. End here, and see where that takes you.

Cour des Petites Ecuries

Strasbourg Saint-Denis, the hip and ever-changing Parisian neighborhood, is a meetup point, and a destination in itself. Located around two ancient doors of Paris, remaining from the castle walls, every taste and vibe can be found beyond those arches.

Use this guide as a reference, a lifeline, or go at your own flow.

Whether you’re hunting down Kurdish street eats, cocktails, banter, or an unforgettable night, you’ve come to the right neighborhood.

– Jacob

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