About Me

It all began with the bowtie.

At the age of 18, I had my first taste of a life abroad.

Where? Well, Paris.

My family and I went overseas for a wedding, and this trip shaped who I am today. the freedom and adventure, being immersed in another lush culture, I remember the details of that trip in vivid colors. The way the streets looked after fresh rain, Heineken at McDonald’s.

At the wedding, dancing to Prince in the Hemingway Bar at the Ritz, I wore a bowtie with an African print.

Now, I’ve returned to Paris many times and lived in France for over 6 years. Throughout it all, the bowtie remains a symbol of my first experience of another country, and the inspiration I’ve had from traveling abroad.

Whenever a friend makes it to Paris, I bring them to my favorite spots. I tell them the ins and outs. I try to inspire them to return. That’s what this site represents, the destinations I’d recommend to you, to get the best out of this little town, as if we were close friends.

Featured on travel sites such as Hipparis and Trip101, I’ve been commissioned to write articles about bars, destinations, and eateries in Paris. The blog writing style is inspired by, but not limited to the Gentleman’s Companion by Charles H. Baker Jr., the New Yorker’s Table for Two, and, of course, Hemingway’s, A Moveable Feast.

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