The Nine Best Cocktails in Paris Under 9 Euros

Paris has several of the world’s best cocktail bars, and for good reason. I mean, the city is mentioned in the same breath as Tokyo, New York, London. In every realm of culture, it’s one of the most influential cities. But two major differences rest between la ville de l’amour and others–population and size. BigContinue reading “The Nine Best Cocktails in Paris Under 9 Euros”

Portrait: The 46 Bar in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris

The 46 Bar is a neighbourhood feel-good, casual cocktail bar between Strasbourg St. Denis and Republique. But unless you see it street-side at the exact right time of day, you might miss it. They label themselves a true ‘New York’ cocktail bar. Now the 46 doesn’t resemble any bar in New York that I know,Continue reading “Portrait: The 46 Bar in the 10th Arrondissement of Paris”

Portrait: The Little Red Door in the Haut Marais of Paris

The Little Red Door is less of a speakeasy, and more of an idea. Whereas other speakeasies are hidden by facades–telephone booths, taquerias and dark alleys–this speakeasy rests behind a Ferrari Testarossa of a door. It calls the attention to all who pass. Le Carreau De Temple – 3e On a bright Saturday afternoon, IContinue reading “Portrait: The Little Red Door in the Haut Marais of Paris”

Landscape Mode: Subversive Tiki Cocktails and the Unknown Territory of Solera

While planted in a residential wasteland, this bar has defined its own terrain. Normally, cocktails lie in the 3rd, 10th, 11th, or 18th, and only in the 6th on this side of the river. With its location and its glassware, Solera is subverting expectations on two separate occasions.