The Weekly List #2–The Backdoor, Ocho, & Bastille

Thinking of the dreary nights, a nostalgic reverie,  for I’m onto life in Paris with my Seattle days behind me. A second list of drinks and establishments feels in order for this occasion! The Backdoor Sazerac, from the Back Door, a Sergio Leone from Ocho, and a French 75 from Bastille are the special three. Sensuous andContinue reading “The Weekly List #2–The Backdoor, Ocho, & Bastille”

Our brief history with Rice Whiskey–Luang Prabang, Laos

Somewhere in Northern Laos–The first experience I had with the stuff, was hardly into our first day. And it wasn’t optional. Our boat rested at the rickety wooden docks of a small village with huts that dotted the lush greenery of the Mekong riverbank. A welcome committee to us Westerners, as we were allured intoContinue reading “Our brief history with Rice Whiskey–Luang Prabang, Laos”