The Vibe: A Foray into Sacramento’s Bar Scene

Sactown, the little known capitol of California is the hipster West Coast cousin of New York’s Albany. Trees line each street like one continuous suburb, houses are often separated by backyards, side yards, and alleys. There is space. More space than I’ve known for a while. And when walking down a street, you might passContinue reading “The Vibe: A Foray into Sacramento’s Bar Scene”

The Nine Best Cocktails in Paris Under 9 Euros

Paris has several of the world’s best cocktail bars, and for good reason. I mean, the city is mentioned in the same breath as Tokyo, New York, London. In every realm of culture, it’s one of the most influential cities. But two major differences rest between la ville de l’amour and others–population and size. BigContinue reading “The Nine Best Cocktails in Paris Under 9 Euros”

The Definitive Cocktail Tier List

Warning: This post is for nerdy drinkers, not drink nerds. But we might be two in the same. If you’ve ever played a video game, rpg, fighting or strategy, then you might be familiar with the term ‘tier list.’ It’s a list organised by tiers (voila) that ranks characters from the best or most effectiveContinue reading “The Definitive Cocktail Tier List”

Portrait: The Little Red Door in the Haut Marais of Paris

The Little Red Door is less of a speakeasy, and more of an idea. Whereas other speakeasies are hidden by facades–telephone booths, taquerias and dark alleys–this speakeasy rests behind a Ferrari Testarossa of a door. It calls the attention to all who pass. Le Carreau De Temple – 3e On a bright Saturday afternoon, IContinue reading “Portrait: The Little Red Door in the Haut Marais of Paris”

The Funky Art of Mixing Drinks: The Gimlet

Your Gimlet should model that badass chick from junior year–never sweet, never dull, never limeade, never soda in that flask. A little edge is key; add the ingredients to a shaker with ice, rattle and strain into a cocktail glass. Gas it with a splash of sparkling water and give it wheels…of lime that is.Continue reading “The Funky Art of Mixing Drinks: The Gimlet”