Letter from the Editor: Mental Health

October 2nd, 2018 Today, I had this thought. It’s overcast, a glum, fall day in Paris, only the first like this, and I’d been pinned to my mattress by the weather and the suffocating sensation of depression. I fell into a 2-hour waking dream where I confessed to an old, random acquaintance of mine thatContinue reading “Letter from the Editor: Mental Health”

5.26 The Blue Notes: Champion’s League Final

May 26th, 2018 The Setting: 30 minutes before the 2018 Champion’s League final, Real Madrid vs. Liverpool with a growing fervor for the upcoming World Cup. Two friends have invited us to a local’s bar in Denfert Rochereau, a small, cool, but not quite a chic hub, which separates inner and outer South Paris. TheContinue reading “5.26 The Blue Notes: Champion’s League Final”

The Bowtie’s Guide to Porte D’Orleans: A Sentimental Dump

The Southern gate of a wall destroyed in World War 1, Porte D’Orleans looks like it hasn’t gotten its act together since. For about a month and a half now, I’ve been living in Paris, and I’ve walked through this hub, maybe 100 times. It’s not a pretty place. I said it Paris, Porte D’OrleansContinue reading “The Bowtie’s Guide to Porte D’Orleans: A Sentimental Dump”

The Bonnie in Astoria: A Log Cabin in the City Bar

New York winters are tame, well, at least they have been since I moved here. Of course, by saying this, I risk being called out by my gf (afrosty apartment is different, ok?). It’s cold here, sure. But after one or two blankets of snow, the streets clear and Brooklyn metamorphasizes back into the unique,Continue reading “The Bonnie in Astoria: A Log Cabin in the City Bar”